Quality Control of Biologics

Strategic partnership

Charles River Laboratories and PathoQuest signed a global strategic partnership agreement in September 2016. This partnership expands Charles River service offer to their clients by including PathoQuest’s next-generation sequencing (NGS) solutions. These solutions include biologics viral contamination testing and cell-line genetic characterization used in production processes, full genome sequencing, genetic drift studies, as well as viral safety testing of other materials used in the development of biologics.

Rapid. Reliable Biologics.

The combination of Charles River’s growing GMP capabilities and PathoQuest’s unique offering allows for a fully integrated, rapid, and reliable solution for the testing of vaccines, biologics, and gene therapy products.

Industry guidelines increasingly identify High-Throughput Sequencing as a highly sensitive and reliable testing solution. We anticipate Charles River’s global footprint and biologics-industry leadership will enable the further growth and expansion of our platform.

Jean-François Brepson

President and CEO of PathoQuest

Our partnership with PathoQuest is integral to our ability to provide the most sensitive testing methods to our clients in order to ensure the safety of biological products produced by the biopharmaceutical industry. PathoQuest’s NGS-based testing solution provides a comprehensive analysis that is both rapid and reliable.

Kerstin Dolph

Vice President Global Biologics at Charles River Laboratories


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