PathoQuest to Participate in CAACB Summer Workshop – Boston, USA| 20-21 July2022

20-21 July,2022 CAACB Workshop on
Experience in Implementing High-throughput Sequencing for Viral Safety | Benchmarking Adventitious Agent Testing

Session 1: High-throughput sequencing (HTSeq) is of high interest to biopharmaceutical manufacturers as seen from recent survey results indicating that 81% of CAACB member companies are currently using or exploring the use of HTSeq for viral safety and the remaining 19% expect to do so in the future. Despite this significant interest, practical experience in the implementation of HTSeq is not widely available. To address this gap, we are looking for presentations and case studies sharing practical experiences with implementing HTSeq for a range of applications.
Session 2: Testing is a key element of any adventitious agent control strategy. For some tests, approaches and procedures may not be standardized across the industry or have established best practices that are publicly available. Given this, it is important to ensure that pitfalls, challenges, and key experiences are shared to ensure a common approach and continued industry-wide product safety.

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