Interview with Colette Côté, Ph.D. : Chief Portfolio Officer and General Manager of PathoQuest’s U.S. subsidiary located in Wayne, PA.

PathoQuest is a pioneer in the development and application of novel Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)-based testing solutions for the biologics industry and so is Colette with her expertise and long history of innovating, developing, and applying tailored NGS-based assays to the biopharma biosafety testing space.

Her immediate responsibility as a General Manager of the US-based site of PathoQuest is to complete the buildout and certification of the new state-of-the-art test laboratory.

She also has a dual role with Portfolio Management, she will develop and refine PathoQuest’s NGS-based biosafety testing services to further meet the emerging needs of the biopharmaceutical and bioproduction industry.

Watch the interview to have an overview of Colette’s strategic vision and scientific expertise and how PathoQuest will bring its NGS-based biologics testing business to the next stage and will continue to expand rapidly in the fast-growing US market.