Summer Activity #7
NGS vs. in vivo testing

Next-Generation Sequencing: a 3R compliant alternative to animal testing.

Animal testing has played an essential role in safe drug development. The scientific community has developed the 3R strategy to answer some of the ethical concerns (reduction, refinement, and replacement). When it comes to biologics development, the 3R initiatives are also under high scrutiny and the regulatory authorities are actively supporting the development of alternative methods.

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is the perfect candidate to avoid the use of animals in quality control (QC) programs. As an alternative method, it does not only highlight ethical perspectives by reducing the number of animals tested but NGS also brings great values as a robust assay. It provides industrial with time efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and most of all stronger test accuracy.

The change is now and industrial need to find the relevant partners to develop their new QC strategy.

To learn more about the new face of viral safety and genetic characterization register to the 3rd annual NGS workshop. This year’s virtual edition will have a dedicated session on NGS as an alternative method to animal testing. A panel of experts will present the results of a joint study between Charles River and PathoQuest : “Evaluation of RNA NGS transcriptomics analysis to replace in vivo tests for assessing the viral safety of cells“.