Bioproduction Safety

NGS for Viral Safety

PathoQuest is a fully integrated biomanufacturing safety service offer from sample collection to actionable report

PathoQuest’s NGS-based adventitious virus testing approach uses a process called metagenomics to provide a more sensitive and comprehensive approach to the identification of pathogens. PathoQuest’s advanced approach permits the identification of pathogens from production samples like:

  • Cell lines under development
  • Master Cell Banks
  • Viral Stocks (Vaccines, Master Seed Virus …)
  • Raw Materials
  • Bulk Harvests
  • Emergency Analysis of Contamination

Key features of our NGS-based testing approach include:

  • Testing is performed only once per sample
  • Quick turnaround time (1-3 weeks)
  • Ability to identify a broad range of viruses. Non-targeted testing
  • Robust and powerful bioinformatic tools
  • Competitively priced

Vaccines testing

PathoQuest has developed a dedicated sample preparation allowing detection of adventitious viruses in highly concentrated viral seed stocks and bulk harvest. With a higher sensitivity than PCR, with the added value of a non-targeted approach.

Cell Banks Testing

Using the transcriptomic approach only replicative viruses are reported, avoiding false positive results.


Bacteriophage contamination can impair bioproduction on bacteria (E.Coli, Pseudomonas…). NGS combined to our bacteriophage database allows detection and identification of bacteriophages.

Raw Material Testing

Dedicated sample preparations are validated of complex matrix. All animal origin samples can be tested.

Cell Re-engeneering

Our team helps you to identify the targeted upstream and downstream sequences / verify new constructs / identification of endogeneous retroviral sequences. 

Ingredients and API Testing

We have experience in evaluating fetal calf serum (FCS) from bovine origin, porcine trypsin and other human or animal derived ingredients.

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