Bioproduction Safety

Our Service Offer to BioPharmaceuticals Industry

Bioproduction safety is a major Industrial and Health challenge

  • Viral Safety

Adventitious virus can contaminate biopharmaceutical production systems and go undetected with consequent risks to the final product. Current virus detection approaches involved a combination of lengthy and specific, targeted tests which are specific to certain viruses. Several events of contamination in biopharmaceuticals (marketed products) by adventitious agents emphasized the limitations and associated risks of traditional methods (e.g. Porcine circovirus (PCV) in a vaccine for children or Vesivirus (VSV2117) in a therapeutic enzyme for genetic disease treatment, produced on CHO cells.

PathoQuest’s NGS-based adventitious virus testing approach uses a process called metagenomics to provide a more sensitive and comprehensive approach to the identification of pathogens. PathoQuest’s advanced approach permits the identification of pathogens from production samples via the following 3-step process.

  • Microorganisms sequencing (De Novo or Re-sequencing)

Insuring the sequence and the purity of new viral or bacterial strains for the development of new biologics and vaccines is now possible at a reasonable cost using High-Throughput Sequencing.

As an expert in microorganisms (bacteriophages, virus, bacteria, fungi), PathoQuest offers a robust approach to checking the sequence and purity of your strains.

  • De-risking the drug development pipeline

Reducing the risk of contamination earlier enough to make the drug development process safer is our goal. NGS metagenomic approach enable the testing of all biological ingredients from the R&D stage to the batch realease of marketed products, including investigation in case of contamination.

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