An Illumina hosted webinar entitled “iDTECT™ Blood, a sample-to-report next-generation sequencing (NGS) solution for precision diagnostics in infectious disease” is now available for viewing on Illumina’s website (link). The webinar featured a presentation by PathoQuest’s Chief Medical Officer, Hélène Peyro-Saint-Paul, MD, MBA, on the development and analytical validation of  iDTECT Blood. Dr. Peyro-Saint-Paul also reviewed the clinical results from a prospective study of the test prototype which was recently published in Clinical Microbiology and Infection.

iDTECT Blood is a CE IVD test and represents an application of NGS-based shotgun metagenomics to the field of infectious disease diagnosis. The test provides microbiologists and clinicians a precision diagnostics tool allowing improved antibiotic stewardship in patients where current microbiological methods frequently fail to identify a responsible pathogen. Both the sample preparation and the bioinformatic pipeline have been optimized to provide high sensitivity and accuracy and an actionable report.

Click here to view an archived version of the webinar.