Study compares iDTECT™ Blood Database and Software to commonly used open source metagenomics software solutions for infectious diseases.

PARIS, France — April 22, 2017 — PathoQuest, a rapidly growing biotechnology company spun out from Institut Pasteur, today announced that it presented data during the 27th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID) in Vienna, Austria which favorably compares the performance of its proprietary iDTECTBlood database and software to several commonly used open source metagenomic software solutions for infectious diseases. The iDTECT™ Blood database and software are key elements of PathoQuest’s CE IVD iDTECT™ Blood sample-to-report test, which provides microbiologists and clinicians an improved method for detecting bacteria and viruses in blood samples from immunocompromised patients with suspected infections.

The study presented during ECCMID consisted of two sets of in-silico experiments which compared iDTECT database and software performance to those of the most commonly utilized databases for clinical metagenomics in infectious diseases.

Results from these studies demonstrated:

  • The iDTECT database has a greater number of clinically relevant Families, Genera and Species of bacteria and viruses and a significantly larger viral sequence set compared to the reference database.
  • The iDTECT software has a high level of performance related to usability and execution time, and identified each of the bacteria and viruses present in the spiked samples with a lower number of false positives compared to commonly used open source metagenomics software solutions.

“Our data demonstrates that both the iDTECT database and software are robust bioinformatic tools for identifying bacteria and viruses,” stated Charles Hébert, Ph.D., PathoQuest’s Chief Technology Information Officer and lead author for the current study. “From the concept phase we have built our tools with the objective to achieve a clinical diagnostic performance level. The stringent design criteria we utilized allow accurate identification of microorganisms while also minimizing the number of false positives compared to alternative metagenomics software solutions.”

About PathoQuest

Greater Pathogen Detection for Better Decisions

PathoQuest, a spin out of Institut Pasteur, is a biotechnology company offering a game changing metagenomics approach to improving pathogen detection in biological samples that overcomes the current limitation associated with pathogen detection. PathoQuest’s technology combines a Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) platform and a proprietary sample preparation process which is applicable to several types of samples with a proprietary pathogen genome sequence database and automated analysis pipeline. The company’s solution provides microbiologists and clinicians with a comprehensive analysis covering all known clinically relevant human pathogens.

PathoQuest has developed iDTECT™ Blood Test, the first and only clinical CE IVD metagenomic test in infectious disease. Using a single blood sample, the test provides clinicians and microbiologists with an improved method for detecting pathogens, particularly for immunocompromised patients with suspected infections. This new molecular diagnostic test should improve antibiotic stewardship and lead to better patient care through precision medicine.

Based on the company’s technological platform, PathoQuest also offers biopharmaceutical companies a disruptive approach to secure production of biologics like vaccines and recombinant proteins. PathoQuest’s solution is currently being utilized by several major biopharma companies for this purpose.