Laboratoire CERBA and PATHOQUEST announced today the signing of a licensing agreement for the iDTECT™ Blood test for use in the precision diagnosis of infectious diseases.

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iDTECT™ Blood is a metagenomic test developed by PATHOQUEST that utilizes Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology, developed by PATHOQUEST in combination with pre-analytical methods and a pipeline of BioIT analyses owned by the company. This is the first and only IVD CE Marked metagenomic test for clinical use in the identification of pathogens which are responsible for infections. From a single blood sample, the test can identify more than 1,200 clinically relevant bacteria and viruses with delivery of a results report for use by clinicians and microbiologists within 48 hours. The iDTECT BLOOD test will have increased clinical utility for immunocompromised patients with suspected infections.

The current agreement will enable patient samples for the iDTECT Blood test to be run by Laboratoire CERBA, a member of the CERBA HEALTHCARE group, using their genomics platform in Saint-Ouen L’Aumône. This exclusive licensing agreement covers the countries of France, Belgium and Luxembourg, and also includes a non-exclusive license for use of the test in select countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The agreement also permits PATHOQUEST to introduce the test directly to microbiology laboratories within specific reference hospitals.

According to Jean François Brepson, CEO of PATHOQUEST, “The signing of this partnership agreement with Laboratoire CERBA is an important step for PATHOQUEST relative to the company’s overall business strategy. Not only does it confirm the clinical utility of our test for the clinical diagnosis of infectious diseases, it is also a significant step in our strategy to launch the iDTECT Blood test since CERBA laboratories’ large network enables us to extend access to our innovative test to a larger number of patients who have a genuine need for more reliable option for identifying pathogens responsible for their infections.”

Jérôme Sallette, Innovation Director at Cerba HealthCare stated, “Making innovative and reliable diagnostic methods available to health professionals to provide faster, more effective care to patients is a goal that our group has set. This partnership with PATHOQUEST marks a new stage in the evolving range of diagnostic test we offer for infectious diseases.

About Laboratoire CERBA

Created in 1967 and accredited in compliance with the NF ISO 15189 standard since 1999, Laboratoire CERBA is the European leader in specialist medical biology.

Integrating more than 40 medical specialties and employing over 600 highly qualified staff on a single site located to the north-west of Paris, on average Laboratoire CERBA handles some 40,000 dossiers daily.

With a state-of-the-art technological platform, it is able to offer private and hospital laboratories in over 50 countries a wide range of specialised biological tests in fields such as molecular biology, oncology, allergology, toxicology, hormonology, and infectious and metabolic diseases together with diagnostic analyses for genetic diseases in cytogenetics and molecular genomics.

Laboratoire CERBA ceaselessly works to develop its technological and human potential and has launched numerous collaborative projects with both public and private establishments to ensure it always remains on the leading-edge of innovation. Since 1998, Laboratoire CERBA’s pathologists have contributed to over 500 scientific publications.

It is also a founder member of the Cerba HealthCare group, an international medical biology group, working in three complementary sectors:

  • routine biology mainly in France, Belgium and Luxembourg with over 300 laboratories, 150 sample collection centres and 50 technical platforms;
  • biology for medical specialties with the CERBA platform;
  • clinical trial biology, essential to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry for the development of new molecules, through its subsidiary BARC today present on five continents.

Recently the Group has diversified into the veterinary biology sector with the creation of a dedicated unit, Cerba Vet. It now employs nearly 4,300 staff, including 350 pathologists.


About PathoQuest

PathoQuest, a spin out of Institut Pasteur, is a biotechnology company offering a game changing metagenomics approach to improving pathogen detection in biological samples that overcomes the current limitation associated with pathogen detection.

PathoQuest’s technology combines a Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) platform and a proprietary sample preparation process which is applicable to several types of samples with a proprietary pathogen genome sequence database and automated analysis pipeline. The company’s solution provides microbiologists and clinicians with a comprehensive analysis covering all known clinically relevant human pathogens.

PathoQuest has developed iDTECT™ Blood Test, the first and only clinical CE IVD metagenomic test in infectious disease. Using a single blood sample, the test provides clinicians and microbiologists with an improved method for detecting pathogens, particularly for immunocompromised patients with suspected infections. This new molecular diagnostic test should improve antibiotic stewardship and lead to better patient care through precision medicine.

Based on the company’s technological platform, PathoQuest also offers biopharmaceutical companies a disruptive approach to secure production of biologics like vaccines and recombinant proteins. PathoQuest’s solution is currently being utilized by several major biopharma companies for this purpose.